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Ayn Rand as a Person and Author

Biographical Information about Ayn Rand

The ORC's Ayn Rand Biographical FAQ answers many common questions about Rand's life.

Todd Goldberg created a detailed Chronology & Bibliography of Ayn Rand's Life & Works, which is now hosted by the ORC.

A chronology of events in Rand's association with Nathaniel and Barbara Branden is available. At present, this is the only such comprehensive chronological summary available from any source, print or electronic. Another chronology reviews the life of Alan Greenspan and his relationship with Rand.

There are a number of published books that deal with Rand's life and literature. A listing of these, with links to more detailed information, can be found in the ORC Books section under the heading "Books about Ayn Rand's Life and/or Literary Works."

The ORC also hosts excerpts from works with biographical material about Ayn Rand:

A variety of biographical sources can be found on the elsewhere on the internet:

There are a number of other brief biographical summaries about Rand at various sites (sites about literature, etc.), but it does not appear that any of these contain useful information that is not included in the references listed above. Some of them contain errors. Therefore, links to those briefer summaries are omitted.

Other relevant sources on the internet:

Pictures and Audio

Ayn Rand was born and raised in St. Petersburg (later called Petrograd and then Leningrad). See photographs of St. Petersburg from Ayn Rand's youth. Various photos, dated 1905 to 1922, depicting the everyday life and sometimes violent history of the city where Rand grew up.

The Ayn Rand Institute has a collection of photographs and audio clips of Ayn Rand.

Dismuke maintains a site about early 20th century music, and has a section on "Music with an Ayn Rand Connection." It includes songs that Rand liked, that she mentioned in her works, or that were used in movies she wrote.

In the 1940s and 50s, Rand lived in a house designed by Richard Neutra. It was known as the von Sternberg house after its original owner, and was demolished in 1972.

The Find A Grave web site includes a photo of Ayn Rand's grave (and Frank O'Connor's as well).

Bibliographies of Ayn Rand's Works

One might think that little effort would be required to maintain a bibliography of the work of an author who has been dead for almost two decades, but Ayn Rand's estate has released an ongoing stream of posthumous works, ranging from revised editions of existing books to previously unpublished material. The following bibliographical resources are available on the internet:

Other Ayn Rand References

The Randex tracks online media references to Rand.

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