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The Psychology of Action

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  • Full Title: The Psychology of Action: Linking Cognition and Motivation to Behavior
  • Author(s): Edited by Peter M. Gollwitzer and John A. Bargh
  • Year Published: 1996
  • Publisher: Guilford Press
  • Publication Type: Academic
  • ISBN-10: 1-57230-032-9 (hardcover)
  • ISBN-13: 978-1-57230-032-3 (hardcover)
  • Description: This book on the psychology of goal-directed action includes an essay discussing Rand's theory of volition.


Since this is a collection with multiple authors, the authors of each essay are indicated in brackets after the essay title. Chapters significantly related to Ayn Rand are indicated in bold.

  1. Sources and Contents of Action Goals
    1. All Goals Are Not Created Equal: An Organismic Perspective on the Nature of Goals and Their Regulation [Richard M. Ryan, Kennon M. Sheldon, Tim Kasser, and Edward L. Deci]
    2. Self-Regulation and Ego Threat: Motivated Cognition, Self-Deception, and Destructive Goal Setting [Roy F. Baumeister]
    3. On the Substitutability of Self-Protective Mechanisms [Abraham Tesser, Leonard L. Martin, and David P. Cornell]
    4. Implicit Theories as Organizers of Goals and Behavior [Carol S. Dweck]
    5. Ideals, Oughts, and Regulatory Outcome Focus: Relating Affect and Motivation to Distinct Pains and Pleasures [E. Tory Higgins]
  2. Affective Influences on Action Goals
    1. Feelings and Their Motivational Implications: Moods and the Action Sequence [Norbert Schwarz and Gerd Bohner]
    2. Depression, Control Motivation, and Person Perception [Gifford Weary and Katherine Gannon]
    3. Emotional Influences on Cognitive Processing, with Implications for Theories of Both [Eric Klinger]
  3. Preparing to Act
    1. Mental Construction of the Goal
      1. From Good Intentions to Willpower [Walter Mischel]
      2. Mental Stimulation, Motivation, and Action [Shelley E. Taylor and Lien B. Pham]
      3. Positive Fantasy and Motivation [Gabrielle Oettingen]
      4. Time in Action: Dynamics and the Mental Control of Behavior [Robin R. Vallacher and J. Kaufman]
    2. Planning and Coordinating Action
      1. The Volitional Benefits of Planning [Peter M. Gollwitzer]
      2. Striving and Feeling: Personal Goals and Subjective Well-Being [Robert A. Emmons]
      3. Effortful Pursuit of Personal Goals in Daily Life [Nancy Cantor and Hart Blanton]
  4. Effortful Control of Action
    1. Volitional Choices in the Goal Achievement Process [Edwin A. Locke and Amy Kristof]
    2. The Directive Influence of Attitudes on Behavior [Icek Ajzen]
    3. Self-Regulatory and Other Non-Ability-Related Determinants of Skill Acquisition [Ruth Kanfer]
    4. Brehm's Theory of Motivation as a Model of Effort and Cardiovascular Response [Rex A. Wright]
  5. Nonconscious Control of Actio
    1. Automaticity in Action: The Unconscious as Repository of Chronic Goals and Motives [John A. Bargh and Kimberly Barndollar]
    2. The Feeling of Doing [Matthew E. Ansfield and Daniel M. Wegner]
  6. Goal Influences on Social Interaction
    1. Person Perception under Pressure: When Motivation Brings About Egocentrism [Robert A. Wicklund and Gisela Steins]
    2. Expectancy Influences in Social Interaction: The Moderating Role of Social Goals [Steven L. Neuberg]
    3. Beyond Accuracy: Defense and Impression Motives in Heuristic and Systematic Information Processing [Shelly Chaiken, Roger Giner-Sorolla, and Serena Chen]
    4. Awareness of Influence as a Precondition for Implementing Correctional Goals [Fritz Strack and Bettina Hannover]
  7. Discussions
    1. Goals as Knowledge Structures [Arie W. Kruglanski]
    2. The Role of Conscious Thought in a Theory of Motivation and Cognition: The Uncertainty Orientation Paradigm [Richard M. Sorrentino]
    3. Some Ways in Which Goals Differ and Some Implications of Those Differences [Charles S. Carver]

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