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Books about Objectivism/Rand (by Author)

This list below shows the authors/editors of books that discuss Ayn Rand and/or Objectivism, followed by their books. There are also lists that divide the books by topic, or show them alphabetically by title.

Jason Alexander

Diana Avery Amsden

Neera K. Badhwar

James T. Baker

Hazel E. Barnes

Norman P. Barry

Andrew Bernstein

Craig Biddle

Harry Binswanger

Lloyd Bishop

Harold Bloom

David Boaz

Barbara Branden

Nathaniel Branden

Jeff Britting

Jennifer Burns

Edward Cain

Frederick Cookinham

Douglas J. Den Uyl

Albert Ellis

Nora Ephron

Peter Erickson

Reginald Firehammer

Joel Foreman

Frank Forman

David Galens

Mimi Reisel Gladstein

Allan Gotthelf

Ignacio L. Gotz

Paul Greenberg

Sid Greenberg

Alan Greenspan

Donna Greiner

Virginia L.L. Hamel

James A. Haught

Ulrike Heider

Erika Holzer

Gerald L. Houseman

Edward Hudgins

Donald Leslie Johnson

David Kelley

Michelle Marder Kamhi

Florence King

Theodore B. Kinni

Daniel Kornstein

Gene N. Landrum

Paul Lepanto

Roderick T. Long

Ronald Lora

William Henry Longton

Tibor Machan

Justin Martin

Robert Mayhew

John Calhoun Merrill

Ronald E. Merrill

Robert Nozick

Greg S. Nyquist

William F. O'Neill

Michael Paxton

Gerald Peary

Leonard Peikoff

Vincent Perinn

Jim Peron

Claudia Roth Pierpont

Ellen Plasil

Marlene Podritske

Tom Porter

Jim Powell

Eric S. Rabkin

Justin Raimondo

Douglas B. Rasmussen

Jeff Riggenbach

John W. Robbins

Scott Ryan

Nora Sayre

Robert Scholes

Peter Schwartz

Chris Matthew Sciabarra

Fred Seddon

Roger Shatzkin

Michael Shermer

George E. Slusser

George H. Smith

Tara Smith

Charles Sures

Mary Ann Sures

Joan Kennedy Taylor

William Thomas

Louis Torres

Kathleen Touchstone

Jerome Tuccille

James S. Valliant

Gore Vidal

Jeff Walker

Thomas Reed Whissen

Michael B. Yang

James H. Yoke

Edward W. Younkins

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