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Books about Objectivism or Ayn Rand

The books listed on this page discuss either Objectivism or Ayn Rand in some way. For books by Ayn Rand, see the section on Ayn Rand's books. The listings are grouped based on their subject matter. Some books that contain a mixture of material are listed in multiple sections. If you are looking for information on a specific book, but are not sure when a book was published or what category it might fall under, try browsing the alphabetical list or the list by author.

Books about Objectivist Ideas

Explanations, Defenses or Applications

These are books that either explain Objectivism to non-Objectivists, defend it from critics, or attempt to extend it to new subject matter. (The authors do not necessarily consider themselves Objectivists, and may disagree with one another about particular subjects.)

Criticism or Rebuttal

These books attempt to refute Objectivism or take a distinctly negative position about some aspect(s) of Objectivism.

Books about Ayn Rand's Life and/or Literary Works



Books with Chapters about Ayn Rand or Objectivism

Fictional References

The following fictional works either mention Ayn Rand prominently within the story or include characters commonly interpreted as fictional representations of Rand.

Electronic Books

Listed below are electronic books that discussion Ayn Rand and/or Objectivism. All of the works listed exist only in electronic format. This list does not include electronic editions of books that are also available in print editions. Because electronic texts may be revised with more frequency than print editions, this listing is ordered by author names, rather than chronologically.

Non-English Language Books

Listed below are books in languages other than English which are believed to contain discussion of Ayn Rand and/or Objectivism.

About These Listings

Each of the lists above is in chronological order according to the publication date of each book, which is provided after the author's name. For most books, additional information and links to materials can be accessed through pages linked to the book titles. (The links on the book titles do not go to!)

To borrow a phrase from another web site, these books "vary greatly in approach from positive and worthwhile to irrational and offensive." Caveat emptor.

In addition to books, there exist numerous pamphlets, audiotapes, etc., which discuss Objectivism and/or Ayn Rand. Because of the great quantity and variable availability of such products, they are not listed here.

Some of the books listed are out of print and rather hard to find. In most cases the actual books have been consulted to provide the contents, summaries, etc., but secondary sources have been used for some of the information.

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