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Essays on Ayn Rand's We the Living

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  • Full Title: Essays on Ayn Rand's We the Living
  • Author(s): Edited by Robert Mayhew
  • Year Published: 2004
  • Publisher:Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
  • Publication Type: Academic
  • ISBN-10: 0-7391-0697-X (hardcover), 0-7391-0698-8 (paperback)
  • ISBN-13:
  • Description: This is a collection of essays discussing Rand's first novel.


Since this is a collection with multiple authors, the authors of each essay are indicated in parentheses after the essay title.

Part 1: The History of We the Living

  1. From Airtight to We the Living: The Drafts of Ayn Rand's First Novel (Shoshana Milgram)
  2. Parallel Lives: Models and Inspirations for Characters in We the Living (Scott McConnell)
  3. We the Living and the Rosenbaum Family Letters (Dina Garmong)
  4. Russian Revolutionary Ideology and We the Living (John Ridpath)
  5. The Music of We the Living (Michael S. Berliner)
  6. Publishing We the Living (Richard E. Ralston)
  7. Reviews of We the Living (Michael S. Berliner)
  8. Adapting We the Living (Jeff Britting)
  9. We the Living: '36 and '59 (Robert Mayhew)

Part 2: We the Living as Literature and as Philosophy

  1. We the Living and Victor Hugo: Ayn Rand's First Novel and the Novelist She Ranked First (Shoshana Milgram)
  2. Red Pawn: Ayn Rand's Other Story of Soviet Russia (Jena Trammell)
  3. The Integration of Plot and Theme in We the Living (Andrew Bernstein)
  4. Kira's Family (John Lewis)
  5. Kira Argounova Laughed: Humor and Joy in We the Living (Robert Mayhew)
  6. Forbidding Life to Those Still Living (Tara Smith)
  7. The Death Premise in We the Living and Atlas Shrugged (Onkar Ghate)

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Reviews, Criticism and Analysis

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