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Resonant Lives

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  • Full Title: Resonant Lives: Fifty Figures of Consequence (original edition); Resonant Lives: Sixty Figures of Consequence (revised edition)
  • Author(s): Paul Greenberg, Foreword by Irving Kristol
  • Year Published: 1991 (original edition), 1993 (revised edition)
  • Publisher: University Press of American (hardcover original edition); The Ethics and Public Policy Center (paperback editions)
  • Publication Type: Academic
  • ISBN-10: 0-89633-153-9 (hardcover original edition), 0-89633-154-7 (paperback original edition), 0-89633-182-2 (paperback revised edition)
  • ISBN-13:
  • Description: This book is a collection of articles that Greenberg, a syndicated conservative newspaper columnist, had written about various famous people.


Chapters significantly related to Ayn Rand are indicated in bold.

  1. Fred Astaire: 'Dances a Little'
  2. Samuel Beckett: Enter Godot, Exit Beckett
  3. Menachem Begin: The Violent Bear It Away
  4. Jorge Luis Borges: Historian of the Soul
  5. Wiley Branton: 'Peace to All'
  6. Leo Brener: Rabbi Means Teacher
  7. Warren Brookes: A Great Explainer
  8. Whittaker Chambers: Witness
  9. John Cheever: Lost in a Wood
  10. Bill Clinton: The Hollow Man
  11. Hillary Clinton: The Making of a Stepford Wife
  12. Leo Durocher: The Uses of Incivility
  13. Sam Ervin: Vision and Blind Spot
  14. Orval Faubus: A Tap in Time
  15. Elizabeth Freeman: Epitaph for a Lady
  16. J. William Fulbright: History Recast
  17. Cary Grant: Perfecting Himself
  18. Sarah Greenberg: 'My Fellow Citizens...'
  19. Andrei Gromyko: The Soviet Vicar
  20. Rudoff Hess: Revenge Is Sour
  21. Dolores Ibarruri: No Surpivors
  22. Jesse Jackson: Nullifying the Black Vote
  23. Scoop Jackson: Goodbye to the Best
  24. Lazar Kaganovich: Stalin's Axman
  25. George Kennan: The Mirror of History
  26. Richard Lamm: Statistical Scarespeak
  27. Robert E. Lee: The Marble Man
  28. Abraham Lincoln: Unsettling Word
  29. Raymond Loewy: The Shell Is Essential
  30. Joe Louis: The Champion
  31. Mary McCarthy: Author as Artifact
  32. H. L. Mencken: A Curmudgeon's Diary
  33. James Meredith: Forgetting to Remember
  34. Martha Mitchell: The Risks of Truth-Telling
  35. Daniel Patrick Moynihan: Social Insecurity
  36. Lewis Mumford: Old Ideas Made New
  37. Howard Nemerov: Poet Laureate
  38. Richard M. Nixon: Richard the Third
  39. Flannery O'Connor: News Imitates Art
  40. John O'Hara: Exact Renderings
  41. George Orwell: The Feel of Life
  42. Walker Percy: With Deepest Sympathy
  43. Ayn Rand: Greed Glorified
  44. Ronald Reagan: The Music Man and His Critics
  45. Harry Reasoner: An Arkansas Resonance
  46. Brooks Robinson: Reverie on Third
  47. Tommy Robinson: The Ur-Redneck
  48. Bayard Rustin: A Costly Consistency
  49. Raoui Salan: For His Crimes and His Serpices
  50. Sydney Schanberg: A Verb Is Born
  51. Isaac Bashevis Singer: The Lady Who Knew Singer
  52. Albert Speer: ...But He Was a Great Manager
  53. I. F. Stone: From Gadfly to Institution
  54. Jimmy Swaggart: The Show Goes On
  55. Paul Tsongas: Exit With Honor
  56. Raoul Wallenberg: Waiting for Wallenberg
  57. Robert Penn Warren: Death of a Native Son
  58. George Washington: The Sound of Distant Music
  59. Rebecca West: A Dfferent Order of Clarity
  60. C. Vann Woodward: The Quiet Southerner

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