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An Objectivist Secular Reader

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  • Full Title: An Objectivist Secular Reader
  • Author(s): Edited by Edward Hudgins
  • Year Published: 2008
  • Publisher: The Atlas Society
  • Publication Type: Specialty
  • ISBN-10: 9780981527 (paperback)
  • ISBN-13: 9789780981525 (paperback)
  • Description: This is a collection of essays (most by Hudgins) about religion and secularism. Most of these essays were published elsewhere previously.


Since this is a collection with multiple authors, the authors of each essay are indicated in parentheses after the essay title.

Section One: Religious Conflicts and Culture

  1. The Party of Modernity (David Kelley)
  2. What Are Creationists Afraid Of? (Edward Hudgins)
  3. Grand Canyon-Sized Silliness (Edward Hudgins)
  4. The Problem with The Passion's Moral Message (Edward Hudgins)
  5. Is Miss Cleo a Criminal? She's Certainly a Fraud (Edward Hudgins)
  6. The Witless Battle Over General Boykin (David Kelley)
  7. No Faith in Republicans (Edward Hudgins)
  8. The God That Failed: Review of Dawkins's The God Delusion (Hugo Schmidt)
  9. From Faith to Force: Review of Harris' The End of Faith and Letter to a Christian Nation (Edward Hudgins)
  10. Liberal Values, Really: Review of Dacey's The Secular Conscience: Why Belief Belongs in Public Life (William Thomas)
  11. The Soul of Science: Interview with Michael Shermer (Edward Hudgins)
  12. Skeptics and Humanists: Allies or Enemies of Individualism? (Edward Hudgins)

Section Two: The Islamist Threat

  1. The Means and Ends of Islamists (Edward Hudgins)
  2. The Jihad Against Free Speech (Edward Hudgins)
  3. Cartoon Journalists (Robert Bidinotto)
  4. Flushing the Koran or Reason Down the Toilet? (Edward Hudgins)
  5. Deep Savages (Edward Hudgins)
  6. The Pope vs. Islam: Who Stands for Reason? (Edward Hudgins)
  7. The Iliad and Islam (Edward Hudgins)

Section Three: Life's Meaning

  1. Secular Spirituality (Edward Hudgins)
  2. Spring is a Time for Personal Renewal (Edward Hudgins)
  3. Apollo 11 on Human Achievement Day (Edward Hudgins)
  4. Why We Give Gifts (Edward Hudgins)
  5. Every Day a New Year (Edward Hudgins)

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Reviews, Criticism and Analysis

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