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The Creation of HPO - Introduction

The pages listed below provide links to archives of Usenet postings related to the creation of the newsgroup humanities.philosophy.objectivism.The threads are categorized into Initial Discussion, RFD Period, CFV Period, and Results/Aftermath. Each category of posts has its own page, as follows:

  1. Initial Discussion
  2. RFD Period
  3. CFV Period
  4. Results/Aftermath

How the Posts Are Organized

Each major thread is identified by its original Subject header, with the posts identified by the From header and arranged as a thread (that is, posts responding to an earlier post are below the original and indented). I have attempted to keep the threading unbroken. The threading on these pages represents the "real" course of the thread, from a reader perspective. In some cases the actual References headers are absent or mangled, so the threading displayed in the archives will not always match what is presented here. In a few cases long threads, such as the first RFD discussion, are broken into subtopics. In some instances the Subject headers of these subthreads were changed, while in other instances they were not. The titles given to the subthreads are merely descriptive and do not represent the Subject headers of the posts.

These links do not represent all of the posts related to the creation of h.p.o. It's not even close. There were well over a thousand postings in the original threads. I have identified about 220 of the most relevant posts. I have attempted to include posts that represent the various issues that were discussed and the differing positions taken on those issues. I have attempted to include most posts from "official" participants: the proponent (Jason Kuznicki), the proposed moderator (Tim Skirvin), and the votetaker (Jani Patokallio). However, I have tried to exclude posts that simply repeat arguments made previously, "me too" posts, and posts that go off onto irrelevant or marginal topics.

With this many posts left, there obviously is some repetition, but I have accepted that as the price of maintaining the threading and representing all the major threads and participants. There is one exception to this: the CFV posting prompted a 200-post subthread that was essentially a flame war over Neo-Tech. Those posts have been excised entirely. The discussion of excluding Neo-Tech postings from h.p.o is represented in the RFD threads.

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