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The Objectivist Forum - Contents by Author

The Objectivist Forum was a magazine published bi-monthly from February 1980 to December 1987. Unlike the early Objectivist magazines, The Objectivist Forum was not published, co-published or edited by Ayn Rand, although she did write occasional articles for the magazine until her death in 1982 (and it also published some of her writing posthumously).

The table below lists every named individual who wrote items published in The Objectivist Forum (alphabetically with last name first), followed by the titles of those items, the issue date (chronologically), department name (where applicable), and volume/issue number. (For more details about how these listings are organized, read the notes.)

Contents of The Objectivist Forum (by author)
Title Issue Date Dept Vol:No
Berliner, Michael S.
Marxism Versus Objectivity Apr 1980   1:2
Creationism and the Intellectuals Apr 1981   2:2
Ayn Rand and Education Aug 1982   3:4
Answers to Common Questions About Montessori Education Jun 1984   5:3
Report from The Ayn Rand Institute Oct 1985   6:5
Binswanger, Harry
The Swing to the Right Feb 1980   1:1
The Government Against the Economy by George Reisman Apr 1980 Books 1:2
From the Editor ... Apr 1980   1:2
From the Editor ... Jun 1980   1:3
Philosophy and Nuclear Power Oct 1980   1:5
From the Editor ... Oct 1980   1:5
The Possible Dream Feb 1981   2:1
From the Editor ... Apr 1981   1:2
An Answer to "Libertarian" Anarchists Aug 1981 Q&A 2:4
Identity and Motion Dec 1981 Q&A 2:6
To the Reader Feb 1982   3:1
The Ominous Parallels by Leonard Peikoff Apr 1982 Books 3:2
From the Editor ... Apr 1982   3:2
Ayn Rand's Philosophic Achievement Jun 1982   3:3
From the Editor ... Feb 1983   4:1
From the Editor ... Apr 1983   4:2
Panel: Lawyers on the Law Apr 1983   4:2
The Dollar and the Gun Jun 1983   4:3
Biological "altruism"; Russell's theory of "types" Feb 1984 Q&A 5:1
Answers to Common Questions About Montessori Education Jun 1984   5:3
From the Editor ... Jun 1984   5:3
Editorial: The Presidential Election Oct 1984   5:5
From the Editor ... Feb 1985   6:1
From the Editor ... Dec 1985   6:6
The Goal-Directedness of Living Action Aug 1986   7:4
The Hardwick Decision Oct 1986   7:5
Science Under Slavery Dec 1986   7:6
From the Editor ... Feb 1987   8:1
"Buy American" Is Un-American Apr 1987   8:2
Kant on the Supreme Court? Oct 1987   8:5
From the Editor ... Oct 1987   8:5
The Constitution and States' Rights Dec 1987   8:6
From the Editor ... Dec 1987   8:6
Borton, Douglas
How New York Rules Hollywood Feb 1983   4:1
Bowden, Thomas A.
"Reds" Feb 1982 Movies 3:1
In Praise of Spectator Sports Aug 1983   4:4
Buechner, M. Northrup
The Root of Terrorism Oct 1981   2:5
Ayn Rand and Economics Aug 1982   3:4
Donway, Roger
The Steelmaster Jun 1985   6:3
Michelle Fram
The Last Place on Earth by Roland Huntford Apr 1987 Books 8:2
Getman, Robert
Gold and the Founding Fathers Oct 1980   1:5
Panel: Lawyers on the Law Apr 1983   4:2
Kelley, David
The Primacy of Existence Oct 1981   2:5
Lennox, James G.
The Anti-Philosophy of Science - A Report Jun 1981   2:3
Lindsey, William B.
Determinism and Anthropology Feb 1981   2:1
Locke, Edwin A.
Behaviorism and Psychoanalysis: Two Sides of the Same Coin Feb 1980   1:1
MiG Pilot by John Barron Aug 1980 Books 1:4
The Soul of a New Machine by Tracy Kidder Feb 1982 Books 3:1
Ayn Rand and Psychology Oct 1982   3:5
KGB Today: The Hidden Hand by John Barron Oct 1983Books 4:5
Inside the Criminal Mind by Stanton E. Samenow Apr 1984 Books 5:2
Yeager - An Autobiography by General Chuck Yeager and Leo Janos Apr 1986 Books 7:2
Interview with Andrey Sorukun Oct 1986   7:5
Mann, Arline
Panel: Lawyers on the Law Apr 1983   4:2
The Novels of Nevil Shute Feb 1985   6:1
Packer, Edith
The Psychological Requirements of a Free Society Feb 1984   5:1
Understanding the Subconscious Feb 1985   6:1
The Art of Introspection Dec 1985   6:6
Peikoff, Leonard
The "Spirit of the Sixties" Apr 1980   1:2
Maybe You're Wrong Apr 1981   2:2
An Exercise in Philosophical Detection Oct 1981   2:5
(untitled) Feb 1982   3:1
Ayn Rand Jun 1982   3:3
Assault from the Ivory Tower Oct 1983   4:5
Ayn Rand's Literary Style Jun 1984   5:3
The American School: Why Johnny Can't Think Oct 1984   5:5
Medicine: The Death of a Profession Apr 1985   6:2
Philosophy and Psychology in History Oct 1985   6:5
Religion Versus America Jun 1986   7:3
Knowledge as Hierarchical Dec 1986   7:6
My Thirty Years with Ayn Rand: An Intellectual Memoir Jun 1987   8:3
Reason, Emotion, and the Arbitrary Oct 1987   8:5
Rand, Ayn
To the Readers of The Objectivist Forum Feb 1980   1:1
The Age of Mediocrity Jun 1981   2:3
The Sanction of the Victims Apr 1982   3:2
To the Readers of The Fountainhead Jun 1982   3:3
The Money-Making Personality Feb 1983   4:1
From Ayn Rand's Unpublished Writings: Roark and Cameron Apr 1983   4:2
From Ayn Rand's Unpublished Writings: Philosophic Journal Aug 1983   4:4
From Ayn Rand's Unpublished Writings: Notes for Atlas Shrugged Dec 1983   4:6
From Ayn Rand's Unpublished Writings: Notes for Atlas Shrugged Apr 1984   5:2
From Ayn Rand's Unpublished Writings: Philosophic Notes Aug 1984   5:4
From Ayn Rand's Unpublished Writings: Notes for The Fountainhead Dec 1984   5:6
From Ayn Rand's Seminar on Epistemology Aug 1985   6:4
From Ayn Rand's Unpublished Writings: A Speech to Architects Dec 1985   6:6
From Ayn Rand's Seminar on Epistemology Feb 1987   8:1
Testimony to the House Un-American Activities Committee Aug 1987   8:4
Reisman, George
Production vs. Consumption Aug 1980   1:4
Ridpath, John B.
The Philosophical Origins of Antitrust Jun 1980   1:3
Nietzsche and Individualism Feb 1986   7:1
Saxon, Wolfgang
Ayn Rand, Author of The Fountainhead, Dies at 77Feb 1982   3:1
Schwartz, Jerry
Interview with Ayn Rand Jun 1980   1:3
Newspapers Without News Dec 1980   1:6
What Happened at The Washington Post? - A Philosophical Investigation Aug 1981   2:4
Ayn Rand and Journalism Oct 1982   3:5
Speicher, Betsy
Marva Collins' Way by Marva Collins and Civia Tamarkin Aug 1986 Books 7:4
Stires, Charles
Panel: Lawyers on the Law Apr 1983   4:2
Special Announcement Oct 1981   2:5
Special Announcement Dec 1981   2:6

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