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The Objectivist - Contents by Title

The Objectivist was a magazine published monthly from January 1966 to September 1971. It was the successor to The Objectivist Newsletter. (Basically the magazine just changed its name and format.) It was originally co-published by Ayn Rand and Nathaniel Branden (until mid-1968) and then by Rand alone (from mid-1968 forward).

The table below lists the title of every item published in The Objectivist (alphabetically), followed by the issue date (chronologically, since some items are recurring columns that have the same title in multiple issues), author, department name (where applicable), and the volume/issue number. (For more details about how these listings are organized, read the notes.)

Contents of The Objectivist (by title)
Title Issue Date Author Dept Vol:No Reprint
A Letter from a ReaderOct 1966Bales, John W. 5:10 
A ReportMay 1966Callahan, Roger J. 5:05 
A ReportApr 1967Hessen, Robert 6:04 
A Statement of Policy (Part I)Jun 1968Rand, Ayn 7:06 
A Statement of Policy (Part II)Jun 1968Holzer, Henry Mark 7:06 
A SuggestionFeb 1969Rand, Ayn 8:02 
Altruism As AppeasmentJan 1966Rand, Ayn 5:01VOR
An Answer to Readers (About a Woman President)Dec 1968Rand, Ayn 7:12VOR
An Answer to Readers (About the "Horror File")Mar 1967Rand, Ayn 6:03 
An Interview with Allen DruryJan 1969Ludel, Susan 8:01 
An Introductory Note to The Man Who LaughsDec 1967Rand, Ayn 6:12 
An InvitationJun 1966Branden, Nathaniel 5:06 
Announcing "News in Focus"May 1967Unsigned 6:05 
Announcing: Foundation for the New IntellectualMar 1968Holzer, Henry Mark 7:03 
Apollo 11Sep 1969Rand, Ayn 8:09VOR, ARR
Apollo and DionysusDec 1969Rand, Ayn 8:12TNL, ROP, ARR
Art and CognitionApr 1971Rand, Ayn 10:04RM
Art and Sense of LifeMar 1966Rand, Ayn 5:03RM
Art for Power's SakeNov 1968Blumenthal, Joan 7:11 
Basic Principles of LiteratureJul 1968Rand, Ayn 7:07RM
Biology Without Consciousness -- And Its ConsequencesFeb 1968Efron, Robert 7:02 
Brief CommentsNov 1968Rand, Ayn 7:11 
Brief CommentsFeb 1969Rand, Ayn 8:02 
Brief CommentsMar 1969Rand, Ayn 8:03 
Brief CommentsMay 1970Rand, Ayn 9:05TNL, ROP
Brief CommentsJan 1971Rand, Ayn 10:01 
Brief SummarySep 1971Rand, Ayn 10:09 
CapulettiDec 1966Rand, Ayn 5:12 
Causality Versus DutyJul 1970Rand, Ayn 9:07PWNI
Citizenship Education by Joyce F. JonesJun 1967Brick, AvisBooks6:06 
Cultural BarometerFeb 1966Branden, Barbara 5:02 
Cultural BarometerSep 1966Branden, Barbara 5:09 
Cultural BarometerOct 1966Branden, Barbara 5:10 
Cultural BarometerApr 1967Branden, Barbara 6:04 
Cultural BarometerJan 1968Branden, Barbara 7:01 
Cultural TrendsJun 1968Brick, Avis 7:06 
Cultural TrendsJul 1968Brick, Avis 7:07 
Department of ProphecyJul 1969Rand, Ayn 8:07 
Dogmatism, Pragmatism and NazismApr 1970Peikoff, Leonard 9:04OP
Emotion and Personality by Magda ArnoldJan 1966Efron, RobertBooks5:01 
Emotions and ActionsJun 1966Branden, Nathaniel 5:06 
Emotions and RepressionAug 1966Branden, Nathaniel 5:08 
Emotions and ValuesMay 1966Branden, Nathaniel 5:05 
ESP: A Scientific Evaluation by C.E.M. HanselMar 1967Efron, RobertBooks6:03 
Faith and Filth: The Destroyers of the Modern TheaterOct 1968Smith, Kay NolteTheater7:10 
For the RecordMay 1968Multiple 7:05 
'For Three Minutes I Felt Free'Jan 1969Kamm, Henry 8:01TNL, ROP
From the "Horror File"Mar 1966UnsignedHorror5:03 
From the "Horror File"Apr 1966UnsignedHorror5:04 
From the "Horror File"May 1966UnsignedHorror5:05 
From the "Horror File"Oct 1966UnsignedHorror5:10 
From the "Horror File"Nov 1966UnsignedHorror5:11 
From the "Horror File"Jan 1967UnsignedHorror6:01 
From the "Horror File"Feb 1967UnsignedHorror6:02 
From the "Horror File"Jul 1967UnsignedHorror6:07 
From the "Horror File"Aug 1967UnsignedHorror6:08 
From the "Horror File"Dec 1967UnsignedHorror6:12 
From the "Horror File"Feb 1968UnsignedHorror7:02 
From the "Horror File"Mar 1968UnsignedHorror7:03 
From the "Horror File"Apr 1968UnsignedHorror7:04 
From the "Horror File"May 1968UnsignedHorror7:05 
From the "Horror File"Jul 1968UnsignedHorror7:07 
From the "Horror File"Oct 1968UnsignedHorror7:10 
From the "Horror File"Jul 1969UnsignedHorror8:07 
From the "Horror File"Dec 1969UnsignedHorror8:12 
From the "Horror File"Feb 1970UnsignedHorror9:02 
From the "Horror File"Apr 1970UnsignedHorror9:04 
From the "Horror File"Jun 1970UnsignedHorror9:06 
From the "Horror File"Dec 1970UnsignedHorror9:12 
From the "Horror File"Feb 1971UnsignedHorror10:02 
From the "Horror File"Apr 1971UnsignedHorror10:04 
From the "Horror File"May 1971UnsignedHorror10:05 
From the "Horror File"Jun 1971UnsignedHorror10:06 
From the Special "Horror File"Aug 1971UnsignedHorror10:08 
Gold and Economic FreedomJul 1966Greenspan, Alan 5:07CUI
Herbert Marcuse, Philosopher of the New LeftSep 1970Walsh, George 9:09 
How to Raise a Brighter Child by Joan BeckSep 1968Hessen, BeatriceBooks7:09 
Introduction to Calumet "K"Oct 1967Rand, Ayn 6:10 
Introduction to Night of January 16thApr 1968Rand, Ayn 7:04NJ16
Introduction to Objectivist EpistemologyJul 1966Rand, Ayn 5:07ITOE, ARR
Introduction to The FountainheadMar 1968Rand, Ayn 7:03TF
Introduction to The Romantic ManifestoAug 1969Rand, Ayn 8:08RM
Kant and Self-SacrificeSep 1971Peikoff, Leonard 10:09OP
Kant Versus SullivanMar 1970Rand, Ayn 9:03PWNI
Legal NoticeMay 1969Holzer, Henry Mark 8:05 
Letter from a ReaderDec 1967Bartholomew, Molly 6:12 
Letter from Nathaniel BrandenDec 1967Branden, Nathaniel 6:12 
Letter from Our AttorneyDec 1967Holzer, Henry Mark 6:12 
Lillian Gish: The Movies, Mr. Griffith, and Me by Lillian Gish with Ann PinchotNov 1969O'Connor, Frank, as told to Ayn RandBooks8:11 
Metaphysics in MarbleFeb 1969Sures, Mary Ann 8:02 
My Testimony by Anatoly MarchenkoJul 1970Ludel, SusanBooks9:07 
Nazi PoliticsFeb 1969Peikoff, Leonard 8:02OP
Nazism and SubjectivismJan 1971Peikoff, Leonard 10:01OP
Nazism Versus ReasonOct 1969Peikoff, Leonard 8:10OP
News in Focus: The Death of a Daily NewspaperJun 1967St. John, Jeffrey 6:06 
Objectivist CalendarJan 1966Branden, BarbaraOC5:01 
Objectivist CalendarFeb 1966Branden, BarbaraOC5:02 
Objectivist CalendarMar 1966Branden, BarbaraOC5:03 
Objectivist CalendarApr 1966Branden, BarbaraOC5:04 
Objectivist CalendarMay 1966Branden, BarbaraOC5:05 
Objectivist CalendarJun 1966Branden, BarbaraOC5:06 
Objectivist CalendarJul 1966Branden, BarbaraOC5:07 
Objectivist CalendarAug 1966Branden, BarbaraOC5:08 
Objectivist CalendarSep 1966Branden, BarbaraOC5:09 
Objectivist CalendarOct 1966Branden, BarbaraOC5:10 
Objectivist CalendarNov 1966Branden, BarbaraOC5:11 
Objectivist CalendarDec 1966Branden, BarbaraOC5:12 
Objectivist CalendarJan 1967Branden, BarbaraOC6:01 
Objectivist CalendarFeb 1967Branden, BarbaraOC6:02 
Objectivist CalendarMar 1967Branden, BarbaraOC6:03 
Objectivist CalendarApr 1967Branden, BarbaraOC6:04 
Objectivist CalendarMay 1967Branden, BarbaraOC6:05 
Objectivist CalendarJun 1967Branden, BarbaraOC6:06 
Objectivist CalendarJul 1967Branden, BarbaraOC6:07 
Objectivist CalendarSep 1967Branden, BarbaraOC6:10 
Objectivist CalendarOct 1967Branden, BarbaraOC6:10 
Objectivist CalendarNov 1967Branden, BarbaraOC6:11 
Objectivist CalendarDec 1967Branden, BarbaraOC6:12 
Objectivist CalendarJan 1968Branden, BarbaraOC7:01 
Objectivist CalendarFeb 1968Branden, BarbaraOC7:02 
Objectivist CalendarMar 1968Branden, BarbaraOC7:03 
Objectivist CalendarApr 1968Branden, BarbaraOC7:04 
Objectivist CalendarMay 1968Weiss, BarbaraOC7:05 
Objectivist CalendarJul 1968Weiss, BarbaraOC7:07 
Objectivist CalendarAug 1968Weiss, BarbaraOC7:08 
Objectivist CalendarSep 1968Weiss, BarbaraOC7:09 
Objectivist CalendarOct 1968Weiss, BarbaraOC7:10 
Objectivist CalendarNov 1968Weiss, BarbaraOC7:11 
Objectivist CalendarDec 1968Weiss, BarbaraOC7:12 
Objectivist CalendarJan 1969Weiss, BarbaraOC8:01 
Objectivist CalendarFeb 1969Weiss, BarbaraOC8:02 
Objectivist CalendarMar 1969Weiss, BarbaraOC8:03 
Objectivist CalendarApr 1969Weiss, BarbaraOC8:04 
Objectivist CalendarJun 1969Weiss, BarbaraOC8:06 
Objectivist CalendarJul 1969Weiss, BarbaraOC8:07 
Objectivist CalendarSep 1969Weiss, BarbaraOC8:09 
Objectivist CalendarOct 1969Weiss, BarbaraOC8:10 
Objectivist CalendarNov 1969Weiss, BarbaraOC8:11 
Objectivist CalendarDec 1969Weiss, BarbaraOC8:12 
Objectivist CalendarJan 1970Weiss, BarbaraOC9:01 
Objectivist CalendarFeb 1970Weiss, BarbaraOC9:02 
Objectivist CalendarApr 1970Weiss, BarbaraOC9:04 
Objectivist CalendarJun 1970Weiss, BarbaraOC9:06 
Objectivist CalendarAug 1970Weiss, BarbaraOC9:08 
Objectivist CalendarOct 1970Weiss, BarbaraOC9:10 
Objectivist CalendarNov 1970Weiss, BarbaraOC9:11 
Objectivist CalendarDec 1970Weiss, BarbaraOC9:12 
Objectivist CalendarJan 1971Weiss, BarbaraOC10:01 
Objectivist CalendarFeb 1971Weiss, BarbaraOC10:02 
Objectivist CalendarApr 1971Weiss, BarbaraOC10:04 
Objectivist CalendarJun 1971Weiss, BarbaraOC10:06 
Objectivist CalendarAug 1971Weiss, BarbaraOC10:08 
Of Living DeathSep 1968Rand, Ayn 7:09VOR, ARR
Omnipotent Government by Ludwig von MisesAug 1970Hessen, RobertBooks9:08 
Our Cultural Value-DeprivationApr 1966Rand, Ayn 5:04VOR
Philosophy and Sense of LifeFeb 1966Rand, Ayn 5:02RM
Platonic CompetitionAug 1968Reisman, George 7:08 
Poverty Is Where the Money Is by Shirley ScheiblaAug 1969Rand, AynBooks8:08 
Preserve and Protect by Allen DruryDec 1968Holzer, ErikaBooks7:12 
Prospecting for ClayFeb 1970Smith, Kay NolteTheater9:02 
Requiem for ManJul 1967Rand, Ayn 6:07CUI
Self-EsteemMar 1967Branden, Nathaniel 6:03 
Self-Esteem and Romantic LoveDec 1967Branden, Nathaniel 6:12 
Some Current Conceptions of Freedom: The "Freedom" of the Hippie and the YippieAug 1969Nelson, John O. 8:08 
Statement of Ownership, Management and CirculationNov 1966Schwartz, Wilfred 5:11 
Statement of Ownership, Management and CirculationNov 1967Schwartz, Wilfred 6:11 
Statement of Ownership, Management and CirculationJun 1968Weiss, Barbara 7:06 
Statement of Ownership, Management and CirculationDec 1969Weiss, Barbara 8:12 
Statement of Ownership, Management and CirculationDec 1970Weiss, Barbara 9:12 
Teaching Montessori in the Home by Elizabeth G. HainstockJul 1971Hessen, BeatriceBooks10:07 
Television: Airwave PollutionOct 1969Ludel, Susan 8:10 
Terence RattiganMar 1971Smith, Kay Nolte 10:03 
The Age of EnvyJul 1971Rand, Ayn 10:07TNL, ROP, ARR
The American University by Jacques BarzunNov 1968Hessen, RobertBooks7:11 
The Analytic-Synthetic DichotomyMay 1967Peikoff, Leonard 6:05ITOE
The Anti-Industrial RevolutionJan 1971Rand, Ayn 10:01TNL, ROP
The Base of Objectivist PsychotherapyJun 1969Blumenthal, Allan 8:06 
The Chickens' HomecomingJun 1970Rand, Ayn 9:06TNL, ROP
The ComprachicosAug 1970Rand, Ayn 9:08TNL, ROP
The Concept of Mental HealthFeb 1967Branden, Nathaniel 6:02 
The Constitution and the DraftOct 1967Holzer, Henry Mark and Holzer, Phyllis 6:10 
The Depths at Their HeightsApr 1969Smith, Kay NolteTheater8:04 
The Federal Bulldozer by Martin AndersonApr 1966Hessen, BeatriceBooks5:04 
The Ibsen War Goes OnApr 1971Smith, Kay NolteTheater10:04 
The "Inexplicable Personal Alchemy"Jan 1969Rand, Ayn 8:01TNL, ROP
The Left: Old and NewFeb 1970Rand, Ayn 9:02TNL, ROP
The Montessori MethodMay 1970Hessen, Beatrice 9:05 
The Mystique of the Muddied WatersJul 1969Smith, Kay NolteTheater8:07 
The Nature of AnxietyNov 1966Branden, Nathaniel 5:11 
The New NakednessDec 1969Smith, Kay NolteMovies8:12 
The Newly Silent ScreenJun 1971Smith, Kay NolteMovies10:06 
The Objectivist Theory of VolitionJan 1966Branden, Nathaniel 5:01 
The Presidential Candidates, 1968Jun 1968Rand, Ayn 7:06 
The Psychology of "Psychologizing"Mar 1971Rand, Ayn 10:03VOR
The Question of ScholarshipsJun 1966Rand, Ayn 5:06VOR
The Roots of Social MetaphysicsOct 1967Branden, Nathaniel 6:10 
The Roots of WarJun 1966Rand, Ayn 5:06CUI
The Simplest Thing in the World, A Short StoryNov 1967Rand, Ayn 6:11RM
The Throne of PragmatismMay 1971Ludel, Susan 10:05 
The War of Liberation in HollywoodJun 1969Rand, Ayn and Holzer, ErikaMovies8:06 
The World of Andrew Carnegie by Louis M. HackerApr 1969Hessen, RobertBooks8:04 
The Wreckage of the ConsensusApr 1967Rand, Ayn 6:04CUI
To My ReadersJul 1968Rand, Ayn 7:06 
To Whom It May ConcernMay 1968Rand, Ayn 7:05 
Volition and the Law of CausalityMar 1966Branden, Nathaniel 5:03 
Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development, 1917 to 1930 by Anthony C. SuttonJan 1970Hessen, RobertBooks9:01 
What Is Romanticism?May 1969Rand, Ayn 8:05RM, ARR
Who Programs the Programmers?Mar 1970Ludel, Susan 9:03 
Workers' Paradise Lost by Eugene LyonsJan 1968Hessen, BeatriceBooks7:01 

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