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Books Reviewed in Objectivist Magazines

The books listed below are ones reviewed in magazines Ayn Rand edited or endorsed. In a few cases, the articles are introductions or discussions that are not traditional reviews, but in all cases listed below the author gives some recommendation regarding the quality or usefulness of the book. Reviews are summarized as either "Positive," "Negative," or "Mixed. A "Positive" review may have some caveats or reservations. "Mixed" is used only in cases where positives are mixed with major reservations.

Reviewed in Magazines Rand Edited

Books reviewed in Rand's magazines
TitleAuthorReviewed InReviewerReview
The American UniversityJacques BarzunThe Objectivist, November 1968Robert HessenPositive
The Anti-Capitalistic MentalityLudwig von MisesThe Objectivist Newsletter, May 1962Edith EfronPositive
AristotleJohn Herman RandallThe Objectivist Newsletter, May 1963Ayn RandMixed
Beyond Freedom and DignityB.F. SkinnerThe Ayn Rand Letter, January 17, 1972Ayn RandNegative
Calumet 'K'Samuel Merwin and Henry WebsterThe Objectivist, October 1967Ayn RandPositive
Citizenship EducationJoyce F. JonesThe Objectivist, June 1967Avis BrickPositive
Day of the GunsMickey SpillaneThe Objectivist Newsletter, October 1964Ayn RandNegative
The Decline of American LiberalismArthur A. Ekirch, Jr.The Objectivist Newsletter, July 1962Robert HessenPositive
The Democrat's DilemmaPhilip M. CraneThe Objectivist Newsletter, October 1965Joan MeltzerPositive
East Minus West = ZeroWerner KellerThe Objectivist Newsletter, November 1962Edith EfronPositive
Economics and the Public Welfare: Financial and Economic History of the United States, 1914-1946Benjamin M. AndersonThe Objectivist Newsletter, May 1965Martin AndersonPositive
Economics in One LessonHenry HazlittThe Objectivist Newsletter, February 1962Robert HessenPositive
Emotion and PersonalityMagda ArnoldThe Objectivist, January 1966Robert EfronPositive
ESP: A Scientific EvaluationC.E.M. HanselThe Objectivist, March 1967Robert EfronPositive
The Federal BulldozerMartin AndersonThe Objectivist, April 1966Beatrice HessenPositive
The Feminine MystiqueBetty FriedanThe Objectivist Newsletter, July 1963Edith EfronPositive
The Girl HuntersMickey SpillaneThe Objectivist Newsletter, October 1962Ayn RandPositive
The God of the MachineIsabel PattersonThe Objectivist Newsletter, October 1964Ayn RandPositive
The Greatest Plot in HistoryRalph de ToledanoThe Objectivist Newsletter, May 1964Edith EfronPositive
A History of PhilosophyWilhelm WindelbandThe Objectivist Newsletter, September 1964Leonard PeikoffPositive
A History of Western PhilosophyW.T. JonesThe Objectivist Newsletter, September 1964Leonard PeikoffPositive
How to Raise a Brighter ChildJoan BeckThe Objectivist, September 1968Beatrice HessenPositive
Human ActionLudwig von MisesThe Objectivist Newsletter, September 1963Nathaniel BrandenPositive
The Language of DissentLowell MasonThe Objectivist Newsletter, August 1963Ayn RandPositive
Lillian Gish: The Movies, Mr. Griffith, and MeLillian Gish with Ann PinchotThe Objectivist, November 1969Frank O'Connor, as told to Ayn RandPositive
The Man Who LaughsVictor HugoThe Objectivist, December 1967Ayn RandPositive
My TestimonyAnatoly MarchenkoThe Objectivist, July 1970Susan LudelPositive
Ninety-ThreeVictor HugoThe Objectivist Newsletter, October 1962Ayn RandPositive
Omnipotent GovernmentLudwig von MisesThe Objectivist, August 1970Robert HessenPositive
Philosophic ClassicsWalter Kaufmann (editor)The Objectivist Newsletter, September 1964Leonard PeikoffPositive
Planned ChaosLudwig von MisesThe Objectivist Newsletter, January 1962Barbara BrandenPositive
Poverty Is Where the Money IsShirley ScheiblaThe Objectivist, August 1969Ayn RandPositive
Preserve and ProtectAllen DruryThe Objectivist, December 1968Erika HolzerPositive
Prosperity Through FreedomLawrence FertigThe Objectivist Newsletter, May 1962Edith EfronPositive
Reason and AnalysisBrand BlanshardThe Objectivist Newsletter, February 1963Nathaniel BrandenPositive
The Roosevelt MythJohn T. FlynnThe Objectivist Newsletter, December 1962Barbara BrandenPositive
Roosevelt's Road to RussiaGeorge N. CrockerThe Objectivist Newsletter, January 1964Beatrice HessenPositive
Ta Ta, Tan TanValentin ChuThe Objectivist Newsletter, November 1963Robert HessenPositive
Teaching Montessori in the HomeElizabeth G. HainstockThe Objectivist, July 1971Beatrice HessenPositive
Ten Thousand CommandmentsHarold FlemingThe Objectivist Newsletter, April 1962Ayn RandPositive
The Throne of SaturnAllen DruryThe Objectivist, May 1971Susan LudelNegative
The Tyranny of TestingBanesh HoffmanThe Objectivist Newsletter, March 1964Joan BlumenthalPositive
Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development, 1917 to 1930Anthony C. SuttonThe Objectivist, January 1970Robert HessenPositive
Workers' Paradise LostEugene LyonsThe Objectivist, January 1968Beatrice HessenPositive
The World of Andrew CarnegieLouis M. HackerThe Objectivist, April 1969Robert HessenPositive

Reviewed in Magazines Rand Endorsed

Note: Review listings for The Intellectual Activist are incomplete for items reviewed after 1999.

Books reviewed in other magazines
TitleAuthorReviewed InReviewerReview
The Ayn Rand Lexicon: Objectivism from A to ZHarry Binswanger (editor)The Intellectual Activist, May 28, 1987Edward ClinePositive
Ayn Rand: The Russian RadicalChris Matthew SciabarraThe Intellectual Activist, January 1996John RidpathNegative
Ayn Rand's MarginaliaRobert Mayhew (editor)The Intellectual Activist, January 1996Lisa WaldmanPositive
A Conflict of Visions: Ideological Origins of Political StrugglesThomas SowellThe Intellectual Activist, May 31, 1988George WalshNegative
The Daughter of a MagnateFrank SpearmanThe Intellectual Activist, March 1997Andrew BernsteinPositive
Economics in One LessonHenry HazlittThe Intellectual Activist, September 1, 1980George ReismanPositive
The Enlightenment in AmericaErnest CassaraThe Intellectual Activist, February 27, 1989Richard SalsmanPositive
The Excuse FactoryWalter OlsonThe Intellectual Activist, September 1997Robert TracinskiPositive
The Fate of the EarthJonathan SchellThe Intellectual Activist, June 9, 1983James HickelNegative
Gold and LibertyRichard SalsmanThe Intellectual Activist, July 1995Robert GarmongPositive
Golden Fetters: The Gold Standard and the Great Depression, 1919-1939Barry EichengreenThe Intellectual Activist, January 1995Richard M. SalsmanNegative
The Government Against the EconomyGeorge ReismanThe Objectivist Forum, April 1980Harry BinswangerPositive
The Graves of AcademeRichard MitchellThe Intellectual Activist, July 29, 1983Arthur ModePositive
Held for OrdersFrank SpearmanThe Intellectual Activist, March 1997Andrew BernsteinPositive
In Defense of the CorporationRobert HessenThe Intellectual Activist, April 1, 1980Robert GetmanPositive
Inside the Criminal MindStanton E. SamenowThe Objectivist Forum, April 1984Edwin A. LockePositive
Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology - Expanded Second EditionAyn Rand; Harry Binswanger and Leonard Peikoff (editors)The Intellectual Activist, September 3, 1991Linda ReardenPositive
KGB Today: The Hidden HandJohn BarronThe Objectivist Forum, October 1983Edwin A. LockePositive
The Last Place on EarthRoland HuntfordThe Objectivist Forum, April 1987Michelle FramPositive
Letters of Ayn RandMichael S. Berliner (editor)The Intellectual Activist, September 1995Dina GarmongPositive
The Life and Legend of Jay GouldMaury KleinThe Intellectual Activist, August 17, 1988Richard SalsmanPositive
Losing Our LanguageSandra StotskyThe Intellectual Activist, June 1999Andrew HazlettPositive
Marva Collins' WayMarva Collins and Civia TamarkinThe Objectivist Forum, August 1986Betsy SpeicherPositive
The Microsoft WayRandall StrossThe Intellectual Activist, January 1999Jason CrawfordPositive
MiG PilotJohn BarronThe Objectivist Forum, August 1980Edwin A. LockePositive
The Nerve of FoleyFrank SpearmanThe Intellectual Activist, March 1997Andrew BernsteinPositive
Not Out of Africa: How Afrocentrism Became an Excuse to Teach Myth as HistoryMary LefkowitzThe Intellectual Activist, November 1996Robert MayhewPositive
Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn RandLeonard PeikoffThe Intellectual Activist, November 1991Harry BinswangerPositive
The Ominous ParallelsLeonard PeikoffThe Objectivist Forum, April 1982Harry BinswangerPositive
The Ominous ParallelsLeonard PeikoffThe Intellectual Activist, August 23, 1982Peter SchwartzPositive
The Passion of Ayn RandBarbara BrandenThe Intellectual Activist, August 20, 1986 (insert)Peter SchwartzNegative
Payback: The Conspiracy to Destroy Michael Milken and His Financial RevolutionDaniel FischelThe Intellectual Activist, September 1996Glenn WoiceshynPositive
Philosophy: Who Needs ItAyn Rand; Leonard Peikoff (editor)The Intellectual Activist, January 11, 1984George WalshPositive
Rational Readings on Environmental ConcernsJay H. Lehr (editor)The Intellectual Activist, September 1992Jefferson RidpathPositive
Return of the PrimitiveAyn Rand; Peter Schwartz (editor)The Intellectual Activist, June 1999Andrew HazlettPositive
The Shadow UniversityAlan C. Kors and Harvey R. SilvergateThe Intellectual Activist, June 1999Andrew HazlettPositive
ShaneJack SchaeferThe Intellectual Activist, May 1997Andrew BernsteinPositive
The Soul of a New MachineTracy KidderThe Objectivist Forum, February 1982Edwin A. LockePositive
Terrorism: How the West Can WinBenjamin Netanyahu (editor)The Intellectual Activist, October 23, 1986Edward ClinePositive
UlyssesJames JoyceThe Intellectual Activist, September 1998Edward ClineNegative
The Voice of ReasonAyn Rand; Leonard Peikoff (editor)The Intellectual Activist, December 30, 1988Harry BinswangerPositive
The War Against the AtomSamuel McCrackenThe Intellectual Activist, February 8, 1984Jennifer TrainerPositive
Whispering SmithFrank SpearmanThe Intellectual Activist, March 1997Andrew BernsteinPositive
Yeager - An AutobiographyGeneral Chuck Yeager and Leo JanosThe Objectivist Forum, April 1986Edwin A. LockePositive

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