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Richard Lawrence (that's me) is the owner and webmaster of the Objectivism Reference Center and The material on these pages is about me and my interests. Enjoy!

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Some of My Interests

I have a variety of other interests. Many of these are in "academic" subjects, such as history, while others are very ordinary interests, such as movies. A few of my more unusual areas of interest are listed below (in no particular order), along with some relevant links:

Ayn Rand and Objectivism

Since I run an entire site about Objectivism, I'll just point you to that for more info. Enough said.

Lady Jane Grey

No, I'm not talking about the band or the dominatrix(!). I mean the "nine-day queen" of England, who was elevated to the throne in a plot to disposess her cousins Mary and Elizabeth. Her story is a tragic one -- Mary eventually had her beheaded for treason -- that shows how foolish people can be in the pursuit of power and how the innocent can suffer from their actions. (Jane, an earnest and intellectual girl who never wanted power, may be the only true innocent ever to wear the English crown.) Some sites about Lady Jane Grey:

Jack the Ripper

In a classic true crime mystery, several unsolved murders of women in 1888 London are ascribed to "Jack the Ripper." Who was he? Why did he kill? For that matter, who did he kill, since the attribution of some of the murders to a single killer is still a matter of debate? Some sites about Jack the Ripper:

Robin Hood

I'm talking about the original legends and stories, not the Hollywood version. Like Jack, Robin is a bit of a mystery. No one has yet proven whether he ever really existed as a person rather than as a legend. Some sites on Robin:

Jesus of Nazareth

Like Robin Hood, Jesus is another character that might be a historical person, but also might be entirely legendary. Think I'm joking? Think again.

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